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Aug 24, 2011 5:00pm PDT
qualifications. >> steve jobs and tim cook, the new ceo have been working on this plan for years. everyone has known steve jobs would resign and tim cook would take over. i think steve jobs imparted his culture into apple so deeply that it will run just fine. with that said, the markets are still going to react strongly to the news tomorrow. >> he may not be active in day-to-day decision making but i bet whit comes to product approvals and major decisions he'll be extremely active. it's hard to imagine him being on the side lines as long as he's able to breathe, so to speak. >> to pick up on that line of thinking jobs did ask to be named chairman of the board and remain as a director and employee. that was approve bid the board. apple was in a solid decision, the leader in tablets with ipad and maker of the popular iphone. this year, steve jobs says we're entering post pc era, reverence to the fact ipad and tabblets are taking over top lart of notebooks and net books. today we enter into the steve jobs era. >> and in pinole today an armored car robbery goes bad and bullets start
Aug 25, 2011 5:00pm PDT
steve jobs. and concern that best the test vehicle crashed in pacific three minutes in the mission. the pentagon said it ended up collecting valuable data. this is the falcon being launched from the air force base. it was traveling at remarkable 3 -- 13,000 miles per hour when it crashed. it is to fly from the base to any city in the world within minutes. >> crew part of the six month space flight. they posted photos from orbit. they snapped this image at night. illuminated by tar lightt and moon light. the hd3 d camera is a education tool. >> we can use this to help with robotics and fine work we have to do outside. if we have a 3 d view it will help immensely. they are watching hurricane irene. this is the view from space. the hurricane irene looks leak a big dome of solid cloud, just terrifying from above. >> coming up next, the race to read. >> inny car driver come to town to get kids to take a lap in a good book. ah yes. there it is. the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household is willing to lay claim to its origin. we may never know. let that sink in, people. we may nev
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2